It is our objective at HomeShow360.com to provide a complete virtual tour solution to our clients. We think that a complete solution should provide more than just the virtual tour. Our complete solution includes the following components:

Virtual Tour Viewer:

The virtual tour viewer is the centerpiece of our virtual tour offering. As previously discussed, our virtual tour viewer contains great flexibility in which to customize the virtual tour information on a client by client basis. In addition to displaying the virtual tour images, it is also able to display the client’s custom header, information about the listing agent, thumbnail pictures of the virtual tour images and option buttons to provide the user with addition tour information.

Virtual Tour Inventory Listing

A virtual tour inventory listing is available and may be placed on the clients web site to display all available virtual tours. The listing can be sorted in many ways by the client. The listing displays a thumbnail picture of each listing along with basic information. When the user clicks on a listing, the virtual tour for the listing is displayed.

Virtual Tour Search

A virtual tour search is available and may be placed on a client’s web site when the number of available virtual tours becomes more than the average user may want to manually search through. The search allows the user to enter information to more specifically define the type of property they are looking for. The user may search by: city, zip code, MLS area, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and price range.


Virtual Tour Linking Information

For the clients that have a webmaster and would like to imbed a link to the virtual tour at other locations on their web site, a link to the virtual tour will be provided.