As we developed the HomeShow360.com virtual tour services, we worked to include the flexibility needed to meet the demands of a diverse group of clients. It was our goal to provide a customized solution without a lot of additional expense. Currently we are able to customize the following areas with minimal or no additional expense:

Heading Information: During the set up process, we work with a new client to create a custom header for their virtual tours. The custom header normally includes the logo of the client and is created in the clientís business colors. The header is often designed to match the heading information in the clients web site. The header is normally used when emailing a virtual tour to a customer. The customer is able to view the virtual tour with the client's colors and custom header without going to the client's web site.

Agent Information: During the agent set up process, a custom agent sidebar may be created to appear as part of the virtual tour viewer. The custom agent sidebar may include a picture of the agent as well as important contact information (phone numbers and an email address) if so desired.

Virtual Tour Colors: We are able to change the colors of the virtual tour for each client. This allows the virtual tour and all of its features to appear as an integrated part of the clientís web site.

Virtual Tour Options: As a buyer views a virtual tour, they are presented with options to assist them in their screening process. The client may choose which options they feel should be included in the virtual tour. The options are displayed as a series of buttons that provide the following functions:

Agent Web Site - Each virtual tour has a button to allow the user to go to the agentís web site.

Email Tour - The user may send an email to a friend that includes the link to your virtual tour. A personal message may be sent as well.

Contact Agent - The user is able to send an email to the agent while viewing the virtual tour. The user may request additional information or request a private showing of the property.

Mortgage Calculator - A mortgage calculator is available from the virtual tour viewer which allows the user to determine what the potential payments will be.

Map To Property - The user is provided a map to each property they view.

Placement of Key Information: The standard virtual tour viewer is designed to allow the client to specify where key information should be displayed. The key information areas include agent information, option buttons and thumbnail photos of virtual tour scenes.