Getting Started

Once you’ve made the decision to allow to be your virtual tour provider, the implementation process is as follows:

Complete the Client Setup Form and mail or fax it to

We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the full virtual tour process and to gather the information needed to create your custom virtual tour header. We will also need to gather detail information about the agents that will place orders for virtual tours so that their custom information may also be loaded. A client login and password will be established to allow you to enter orders for virtual tours online.

Once setup is complete, virtual tours may be ordered online at any time.

Ordering a Virtual Tour

Virtual tours may be ordered by phone, fax or on-line. The online order is the preferred method. Once your order has been received, you will be contacted to verify your order and to arrange the photo session date/time. Our photographer will meet you at the virtual tour property at the arranged time/date and will take the digital images. The images are then uploaded and prepared for posting to the virtual tour. Descriptive information that you provide about the images will also be loaded into the tour. The tour will then be tested internally to verify that it is fully functional and ready to be activated. You will be notified that the virtual tour is complete and will be asked to review the tour prior to it's activation. Once approved by you, the virtual tour will be activated and will be available to be viewed on your web site, the MLS web site and the web site. You will be billed for the virtual tour once it is approved by you or 3 days after you are notified that is ready for your review. Once your property is sold, you will need to notify so that the tour may be removed.